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What are 3 characters blinded by their egos, and consequently manipulated by others, shown in “Julius Caesar”?

I'm writing an essay for my Honors English 2 class. My thesis is: "The men in power displayed in "Julius Caesar" are vulnerable to manipulation from being blinded by their egos, caused to believe in a false sense of superiority and invincibility."I need a third character that exemplifies this, and I am already using Caesar and Brutus.Please give me any pointers about the thesis if you think it could be better, and please help me with that one last character!Thanks!

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  1. primrosed says:

    Cassius allows Antony to speak at the funeral. That is his undoing.For your evidence on Brutus, Brutus was manipulated both by Cassius and Antony.Here’s a great resource for you: Shmoop on Julius Caesar.

  2. hemiataxy says:

    I’m not especially familiar with the play, but how about Antony? I just saw the play a few days ago and found it kind of hard to understand without having read it beforehand, but he seemed to be pretty egotistical as he thought his ideas were better than Brutus’ (even though he did seem to have respect for Brutus…)Sorry. I know it’s a little confusing. But i think you can definitely find something to work with with Antony.

  3. gem's says:

    What about Casius? Didn’t he feel it nescisary to kill Mark Antony, and Brutus persuaded him not to, therefore leading into Antony becoming a major problem later on? Perhaps Casius believed to much in his power to kill ceasar, and trusted Brutus against his own will leading into Casius’s death. Blinded by his will POWER, not his gut instinct…hmmmm maybe. :)