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I need a Thesis Statement ASAP Pleasssee!?

I'm writing an essay for English Comp 2 on solar energy. I have an introduction, but I need to come up with a thesis statement. My essay has to have 6 body paragraphs, so my thesis statement has to have 6 points ( What I will be talking about in the rest of my essay). Pleasse Help! I'll pick a best answer.Here's my intro:In the Unites States, 879 million gallons of gasoline are consumed every day. That's 604,166 gallons every minute! It has taken the earth over 300 million years to produce 1.7 trillion gallons of oil, and it has taken us only a few hundred years to burn through it. With the use of oil, and other nonrenewable fossil fuels rising everyday, the world will someday run out of these resources. In the meantime, the price of retrieving the remaining fossil fuels will continue rising, until they can no longer be afforded. Not to mention, the air, water, and soil pollution of these harmful chemicals are slowly leading our planet to global warming! It's a fact that sooner or later, we will have to turn to renewable resources as an alternative to fossil fuels. Renewable resources produce little to no pollution nor greenhouse gases. Furthermore, they never run out! Of the renewable resource options, I find solar energy to be the most efficient. (Thesis?)

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  1. agora says:

    It looks to me like you already have a thesis: solar energy is the most efficient of the options you looked at.

  2. plandit says:

    what’re the 6 points you will bring up about solar energy? Solar energy is a great alternative due to… (( the 6 points))