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PLEASE. help me choose the right laptop out of my interest?

Well, i heard A LOT that toshiba laptops are great...not sure they are cuz I NEVER had a laptop before.Anyways, The things i'm looking for/interest in is:wireless internet connection, I watch videos/listen to music and surf the web, school stuff like essays and powerpoints, decent memory space, good battery life, LONG-LASTING duralbilty (I will probably keep the laptop more than 4-5 years), speed, and somewhat of the looks.My budget is $300-900PLEASE read :)**I DO NOT WANT A MAC

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  1. linedat says:

    here we go to find the best brand of a laptop……..I THINK EVERY BODY GOT AN OPINION BUT MINE IS NOT….I suggest u to get DELL,,,I bought dell inspiron 15 about 2 years ago and am using till now with out a problem and is gonna last forever if i take care of it …….the features are great HD VIDEOS and its window 7…..that time the price was 850$

  2. jbillma says:

    hi i have a acer aspire 5552 wireless is a1