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I am terrible at CSS and I have to..?

The instructions:1. Open your Webmaster essay that you wrote for Unit 1.2. Copy and paste the text into Notepad.3. Do "Save As" and change the extension from txt to html.4. Use internal CSS to set the properties for the page.5. You should have the following items in your CSS: Background color, title properties, text properties and citation properties (where you found the information.)Citation for 2 sources is given in a different style than other textHave changes made in color, font and size for background, and 3 fonts. Because I really don't 'get' CSS, I made this in HTML, but I realized that my photography teacher could probably tell that I didn't use CSS. I know what to do until step 4. I have read the lesson over and over and I still don't know how to use internal CSS to set up all of this.Thanks for the help :)

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