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Need Help With A Politics Essay!?

It can be argued that Britain is both Democratic and Undemocratic, this can be shown via a range of issues relating to British politics and the society in which we live.Explain and evaluate this statement.(I find this a really open question and am struggling to fin a focus point or valid topics to show the British government to be Undemocratic. Help!)

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  1. GWENN says:

    Investigate unelected people who wield power, Lord Mandelson and his ilk. Press Barons who have great influence on their readers. Also government by announcement when parliament is not sitting. Compare with the amount of time the anti hunting bill was debated.

  2. Zapotec says:

    Im struggling to help you here the only one I can think of is the queen is an unelected head of state with a considerable amount of power both politically and militarily. most people don’t evan now she has complete veto over all bills passing through Parliament she also has the right dissolve a government and call elections (watch the next time there is an election it will be mentioned in passing the the Prime minister went to ask the queen for permission to do this). she has never used her powers allowing democratic process to work.Ok I also mentioned that she has military power I say this because she is the Commander in Chief of great Britain’s armed forces. she is also listed as the supreme Commander of at least six infantry regiments and a number of fighter squadrons. this coupled with the fact that all british troops are sworn to serve queen and country (as were the police when my dad joined don’t now if they still do)so not only Dos she have considerable political power but the force to back her up. (when asked you and who’s army she just has to point out the window and say that one at the guards out side buckingham palace)