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Please Read This Over And Give Me Feedback?

This is the introduction for my essay for one of my writing classes. Topic for the essay:Why should dictionaries and other reference works, such as grammar and spelling handbooks, be used as descriptive resources?Introduction to my essay:Throughout the years, the English language has rapidly formed and changed into what it is today. During these years, dictionaries have been reliable sources that have stored word’s spelling, grammar, and usage’s. The changing of the English language is still in motion, meaning that word’s spelling and usages are still changing, and being added to, and new words are being used. Thus, it makes sense that dictionaries must update to keep up with the how the language is currently used, right? Historically, dictionaries were prescriptive, meaning that they propose the proper usage and spelling of words, and shy away from slang terms. However, the prescriptive way seems to ignore the fact that the English language has evolved over the years, and being used differently in this day and age. That is why dictionaries, and other reference works, should be descriptive. They should describe the language as it is being used in today’s world. There is value in having rules, but what is the point of having these rules if they don’t relate to how the language is spoken and written? Please just give me any feedback you can. If it sounds funny, spelling is off, or just anything, and I would greatly appreciate it!

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  1. slicing says:

    You had a great start on your introduction, though while reading it I found myself confused by some of your sentences. Your overall intro left me questioning – “what exactly is this about again?” Remember that an introduction has to be precise and extremely clear on the subject you’re trying to convey to the reader. There’s no room for non-clarity. Also, I prefer not to ask questions in my intro, rhetorical or not, they make the writer sound less believable. Remember that you’re trying to convince your readers, not throw them into a pool of skeptisizm. (They will have a harder time believing you or trusting that your opinion/argument is valid).I gave a go at my own intro for your essay. Feel free to use it if you wish. Notice how my argument is very clear – “Without the existance of communal laws for the English Language, hundreds of separate interpretations on the subject would rapidly appear, creating a massive misinterpretation…etc. Thus, dictionaries, gramatical and spelling laws are highly needed in order to create a solid foundation” – Thesis ::Since man was recognized to have been present on Earth, scientists from every corner of the world have come to an obvious agreement that with the birth of man arrived an entirely invented sort of concept – its means were that of communication. If one were to analyze the pattern of how a simple language, such as English, has evolved over just a decades worth, it may later be easily concluded that though the visual format of the words has mutated dramatically, their overall foundation remains the same. Although, being one of the most complex languages thriving in this world today, without proper knowledge or instruction, it may be inevitable that such usage should be expressed incorrectly. Furthermore, such reference tools, such as world renown dictionaries and thesaurus’s, as well as the ideal grammatical and spelling laws, are ideally necessary in order to insure a concrete agreement on just how the language should be properly spoken through the midst of man today.::Your topic sentences should introduce what each of your body paragraphs are going to declare. They are not directly connected to your argument! They are just introducing the TOPIC.1. Within the stretch of a decade, a simple word may gradually alter, until finally it is left with not just one, but many alternate identities; such an evolution of words may create an entirely new level of difficulty for mastering any living language. (Now you discuss the importance of dictionaries and thesaurus’s.) 2. Grammar laws3. Spelling lawsFeel free to email me if you need any help. Good luck : ]

  2. plateless says:

    I think it sounds really good =]You should get a really good grade!