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Can someone explain this English ll assignment?

i dont understand what i am supposed to do at all. can someone put this into words a 15 year-old can understand:"Ms. A. WalkerEnglish IIEssay Topic: The Fall of the Roman Republic Due Tuesday, March 29thTask: You must create a five page essay detailing your reasons for the Fall of the Roman Republic. Your essay must have 1.0 left and right margins, double spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font, and numbered in the upper right corner of each page including the title page and works cited page. Your title page should have the title in quotes, presented to: Ms. Walker, your name, your class period, and the subject. You must also have an outline of your paper. Use the handout given in class as a reference. This essay will not be accepted late under any circumstances. You will have approximately one week to complete the essay.Your paper must discuss the following elements and you must tie them all to the history of the Roman Republic: Plebeians & Patricians, Cleopatra, Octavian, Julius Caesar, dictatorship, the Senate, Consuls, discuss class struggles and social conditions. Also when dealing with historical figures, you must tell me what their roles were and how those roles contributed to the Fall of the Roman Republic. Do not give me a narrative, a list of definitions, or create an essay embedded with plagiarized information cut and pasted from the web. You must do research on this subject. You must use two books for a reference and no more than three reputable websites for references. No Wikipedia. Every quote, summarized information, or paraphrased information must be properly documented throughout the paper. You must include a works cited page and it must be accurately created using MLA format. Refer to your textbook with help regarding research paper documentation. Your essay must be four to five pages in length, any subtopics outlined in your paper must be in bold print and underlined, and you must include an outline page after your title page. Please use the outline given to you in class for reference. Good luck! Please submit your paper using the digital drop box with the subject of Roman Republic paper. If you would like your paper returned, please include your/your parent’s email address.Thank you."can someone translate this?

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  1. sopwith says:

    Since you can’t take a hint, she wants you to demonstrate how the tyrannical aristocracy created their own demise by subjugating the lower classes. This is the aspect you should focus on researching regarding the “elements” that she spoon fed you. Good Luckp.s. Put more simply, a wealthy upper class and enslaved lower class will not make up a healthy society. Write how the roman empire self destructed without civil liberties and equal protection for everyone regardless of race, gender, and religion.

  2. smiting says:

    well it doesn’t seem that hard to understand but OK…Why do you think the Roman Republic fell? while you are telling that, you must also encorperate Plebians’Patricians, and so on and tell what each of them are and how they contributed to the fall of the Roman Republic.Use the handout given in class to help you too.Hope this helps