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Can you Help Me Think Of a Story Idea?

For an Essay that's due friday and I here haven't started it. It says to think of a Mysterious Situation that could freak out your characters. Example A strange sound at night, a light from the woods, or the appearence of a mysterious message. But my brain has gone dead lol. I am one of the best writers in the class. Could you Help me out or give me some advice on to think of one?

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  1. obstruction says:

    hmm..welllyou could have it be about someone who has a split personality haha that could take you far in a mysterysomeone who talks to themself a lot or hears voicesa train engineer that ran into a car on the tracks and now feels guilty but then we find out that it was his dad that did it and the man was just a kid watching his dad drive the train or something but thinks it was him that did it.idk i kind of like mysteries that have to do with the human mind like being crazy or something rather than mysteries about finding a secret box or map or something..answer mine: [external link] ;…the question is what do you think about this story idea/plot..