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Best Essay Ever, I bet the max error I would get is 10!?

Childhood Violence Childhood violence can improve an individual, but it can also negatively affect a person. Not all people who have had a violent childhood will become violent themselves in their adults life because everyone is different. With violence, people can learn from it because they will know what is wrong from right. For instance; stealing, if an individual were to go into a store with the intention to steal something, and they get confront by a cop that is in there, the spectators learn it’s not right to steal. If kids were to witness the consequence of someone acting upon something violent, the kid would think twice before they themselves do it like stealing. Not many people know, but stealing is an act of violent, like fighting or shooting. In Zizek’s The Tyrant’s Bloody Bloody Robe he writes about two forms of violence subjective and objective. Subjective violence is a form where one can physically witness violence on display like fighting, but objective violence is the type of violence that no one can observe, such as an mans anger towards an individual who raped his kid. Not all violence is detrimental; violence can be like protecting someone, and getting involved in a fight to do so. Violence is looked at as a bad aspect especially during one’s childhood. Violence during one’s childhood can be of different kinds such as from parents hitting the child for trying to seat t one’s house etc. Violence is something one should always take seriously because violence can change a person’s life and even change a person’s brain literally. In an article called Childhood Abuse Changes the Brain by Leonard Holmes, he says that if a child is abused enough, he or she will become vulnerable to brain change. Having violence in ones childhood can increase the chances of that person turning violent in this individuals adulthood years. Being violent as an adult can be in many different forms from getting into lots of fights to just stealing things from people’s houses. As an adult there is more freedom, and with violence added to that mix, it can turn out to be a very bad recipe. Even though having violence during ones childhood can make that person become better, having violence during childhood can also increase the chance of making that person become more violent in their adulthood life. Violence is all around, everywhere a person can see there is violent. Violent is not always a bad thing because a person can learn so many things from it like being overly protected. For example, as a kid this person is in a very violent environment, his family is in a gang and he does not care for anyone else, but his family. As he grew older he learned that being in a gang is not going to help create a good future for him, so his solution was to move away. When he finally ended up with a family and two kids, he realized that he was very protective, and this is because of his childhood life. Being in a gang to him meant representing his gang, and protecting the one that is within that gang. If someone was to get hurt within the gang member group everyone in it would help out by getting revenge or just being there for that person. Since he was born into a gang, he learned that first hand, and that is to be protective each other and be there for each other when one needs it. Being protective is never a bad thing, the only problem with it is, kids and even other family members can get annoyed of it. In other words not all people who had a violent childhood turn out to become violent but more of an opposite person. But having a violent childhood also can make a person become more violent in their adulthood life. In an article called Suffering Child Abuse into Adulthood by Greg Huffman is about a person who had experience a very violent childhood, and describing what had happen to him. While describing what has happen to him as a kid, he also was pointing out that it in fact does affect his adult life "Mental or physical abuse as a child can definitely affect one into adulthood. I am a witness." (Huffman). Till this day he is still truamatized about the event that had happened in his life when he was a kid, and in fact he admits to being alcoholic and having anger problem when he is drunk. Like his father and uncle they had anger problems when they are drunk, but when he realized he was acting like his father and uncle he stopped. Because of his childhood abuse violent, he also became violent himself. Being in a violent environment as a kid, can be very traumatizing. While reading the book by Richard Heyman and Amy Smith. One can learn that there are many people out there who have gathered data about people who had a violent childhood, and how that made them became violent as an adult. Those people not only collected data from the US but also went around the world to collect data to make their agrument stronger. What the real main problem of having a

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    You have many grammatical errors; too many for me to edit in this little space provided. Also, you included a lot of information that I can tell you did not just come up with on your own. Where are your in text citations? Why did you not place quotations on the things that you quoted? Do you not realize that to claim something as your own when you did not write it is plagiarism? If I were your teacher/professor, I would have no choice but to fail you!