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Carol Ann Duffy poem help please? :)?

I wrote an essay on the techniques explored in the poem Valentine by Carol Ann Duff. Its really long and I got a good mark but almost too long, she says I have to make my ntro shorter but I have no idea how to..My intro has to start with.."Carol Ann Duffy's "Vaentine" is a negative criticism of love" and then i need to sum up the basic situation in 2-3 sentences.. PLEASE HELP!?Oh and also I have respond to the question stating that suffy uses symbols, word choice, imagery and tone she used to expore and present all the sides of love to the reader. HOW THE H*ELL CAN I DO THAT IN 5 SENTENCES!?

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  1. helene says:

    When an essay or part of an essay is judged to be too long it is usually because the author is using too many words to express an idea. It will help to re-read your introduction with a critical eye on “trimming the fat”so that you retain the idea with as few words as possible. A thesaurus will help you find words that express the idea that you are explaining with your text. (word choice) ;)

  2. macrodactylism says:

    Perhaps consider the following:’Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Valentine’ is a negative criticism of love that explores human feelings and emotion but, in a final twist, uses the violent symbol of a ‘knife’ to expose a bitter truth. Duffy uses the metaphor of an ‘onion’, a vegetable known to cause tears, as an acrid contrast to the sickly-sweet image of love. In this essay I will explore how…..Hope this helps.