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How to improve my writing skills?

I've noticed that my writing is not as good as it was last year, does anyone have any idea why my writing is getting bad? I'm 15 btwdoes anyone have any tips on how to improve my writing? and i mean in all areas of writing eg. essays, speeches, creative writing etc.

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  1. Doolittle says:

    Read, Read and read some more.Start learning to see the difference between a cracking good read, like the Da vinci code, and a well written cracking good read like Wuthering heights.I tend to only read well written stuff (except when I need to keep abreast of what others are reading like Da Vincic code) but then I have decades of experience, you are just starting out so will have to learn for yourself.James Patterson are fairly well written, his style flows but what you see is what you get, there is little depth, where as Daphne Du Maurier (Rebecca, Jamaica inn, Frenchman’s creek) are well written but have some depth and substance so that when you read them a second time you see more in them.Also well written tend to make one think, I have read all the Raymond Chandler Phillip Marlowe novels, they are about a private detective in 1940s 50s Los Angeles (the Big Sleep, The Long Goodbye), and really get into the feeling of the time.Your writing will improve if you want to improve your writing, also write something and then leave it for a couple of months or more until you have forgotten the details, then come back to it and look at how you would improve it or change bits, why did you write such and such and how you would now write it differently.Keep reading and writing and you will improve, especially if you criticise yourself.

  2. Cetomorpha says:

    you can emprove your writting by writting always

  3. scytheless says:

    Keep practicing. You think a concert pianist is that good just by saying they want to be one? Not at all. Like with any skill that you have to master, to be a better writer and have better writing skills, you need to practice your skill. Which involves a lot of work, but it’ll help you out in the long run.Read a lot. The more you read, the more you notice certain things. You’ll see the writing style, you’ll see what a writer writes well in and where they struggle, you’ll see cliches, etc. You’ll become better at seeing mistakes. It’ll help you out.Critique. Learn to critique others work. Yeah, you might be nervous about it at first, but finding what’s wrong with others helps you realize what may be wrong with your own work. Also, get others to critique your work. If you hear a lot of the same thing mentioned about your work, look into that. See about how you can improve it. Look at others work and see how they handle it.No one becomes amazing overnight. We all start horrible at first. But we all grow as we learn.

  4. strainer says:

    It isn’t hard at all. All you have to do is read much(I mean good books) and just look out the window , for example and write what you see. If you can’t sleep, you can just stay in bed and imagine something, think of something you would like to write about. Anyway, the best thing you can do is READ as much as you can. Good luck!

  5. tricircular says:

    Yes. you can try writing more, and writing more often!There is a good reason for the saying,”Practise makes perfect.!” I suggest a set theme, ot start you off, say, “Journeys I have made.”, Or, “The Plans I have for When I Date a Girl, (Or boy!)”Write every sentence over and over, improving it each time. In this way, you will slowly be able to produce a better writing stile, and, perhaps, be published.

  6. flexural says:

    go to your local library and pick up a coppy of a book called the little brown book it is a book on writing, after you read this book from start to finish it will help you for sure

  7. ultraparallel says:

    1) Read a lot2) Write a lot3) Share your writing and get opinions from peers or random people4) Re write keeping in mind what your peers or other people suggested to you.

  8. spookdom says:

    you should do writing daily