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The hardest part of an essay is STARTING so can you help?

i have to write a socratic seminar essay on the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. no quotes just opinions. now i dont want you doing this for me i just need help on how to start and how to address my ideas. prompt: consider theatricality in this play. think particularly of the scene of caesars murder and the speeches in the forum.how do acting and rhetorical appeals affect the events of the play?how do they interact with politics?how can a play be politically powerful?i just need help on how to start pleasee.

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  1. mencken says:

    Introductions are the easiest part of essays just be really vague with it or if you are having trouble skip right to the meat of your essay and write the beginning later once you’ve already figured out what to write about.

  2. Psychodidae says:

    Research your information and basically introduce what your going to say to the person.

  3. cheeley says:

    Well I’d personally recommend I mind map. Presumably you have discussed some answers and ideas to this prompt in class, or have enough background knowledge to come up with them yourself. If not try google and get some key ideas down.Put the prompt in the middle, put down any ideas you could possible have to write. Circle the ones you think are best and use. Then number them in the order you think they should go. Introduction? Introduce a brief general overview of the play when published etc, then do maby do a brief mention of what the foremost ideas are on it before you head out to the body of the essay.Conclusion mention no new points! (I guess you did not really need this)Hope I helped.