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How to get pictures/music off my old comp’s hard drive!?

My old computer will not load up... whenever i turn it on it just says press f1 to continue.. turns off then does the same... i've given up on it and bought a new one. The thing is that my old comp has lotsa pics, essays, music etc that i would like to get access to on its hard drive. I don't want to pay for someone to fix the comp as I have a new one. I just need to somehow access my hard drive. I have heard that I need an IDE cable to hook up to the old comp's hard drive?How does this work? My computer knoweldge is average... I have never messed around with the inside of a comp before but reckon i can open the tower up and access the hard drive (if i know which part the hard drive is). Is this a straight fwd job or shall i get someone a bit more knoweldgeable to do the job?Thanks.

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  1. essaying says:

    Hi,This can be a simple job depending on the configuration of the new PC you have got. Most new PC now come with SATA hard drives and IDE CDrom drives, and if that is the case, then you can simply unplug the CDrom drive and plug in the hard drive and it should work. If your PC is not configured this way then it can become a bit more involved and I would suggest that you can buy an inexpensive adapter to connect your old hard drive to a USB port on your new PC and that means you only need to open your old PC and pull out the old hard drive and connect it to the USB adapter and plug it into a usb port on you new PC. Nice and easy.As a suggestion here is one such product from one supplier I have used in the past, [external link] if you just type in USB to IDE in google you will no doubt get lots of hits.Hope it helps

  2. furcates says:

    As it’s a tower, you should be able to add a second drive which is fairly simple.Hard drives are generally black with a chrome/white cover; 1″ X 4″ X 6″with either a 1/4 inch wide cable coming out / serial ora 2 inch wide cable / IDEIf its an IDE there should be a second plug close to end plugged into the HD, you can use that plug, if serial you will need another wire.You will also need to power the drive and there should be an extra dongle (power plug) available.Then all you need to do is make sure the drive is pinned correctly.You will find the pin you need next to the power plug on the end of the drive and a legend on the drive to explain the pin placement.Master on the OS drive and slave on the 2nd or cable select (cs) on both.Then boot the computer and you should see the other drive so you can ttransfer the files.

  3. prologize says:

    Ask a friend or neighbour who you trust is used to switch parts of computer and work with BIOS. He will retreive the information from your hard drive to a new one. You need two similar towers and a new hard drive. They don’t need to be exactly the same.For about 50£ the job schould be done.

  4. mcilree says:

    Er Gary is that you?

  5. palyers says:

    Depending on how old your computer is, there might be an easier option than an IDE cable. Does you old PC have USB ports? If so, you can get a USB to USB cable, and just plug the computer’s together. When you connect them, you should be able to transfer whatever you need to…

  6. arrope says:

    you have three choices here.1. take the drive and mount it in the new computer. you need an new IDE cable and set the old drive to SLAVE not CS and set the new drive in the new system to MASTER, not CS. (why did you get a new system with IDE?) you are going to get a dual boot display, boot the top choice, usually the master drive or go into the BIOS and set the HDD boot choice manually. copy paste the stuff you want over. once you confirm that you have it, go into disk management and remove the partition, then reformat the drive. now you have a clean drive to store DATA on, NOT applications like office.2. Buy an enclosure, its been addressed already.3. buy this and make the old HDD into a flash drive. [external link] …

  7. soilless says:

    I think the easiest way is to make it an external USB drive :) 1.) It can be a straight forward job. Open the case of the computer and find the hard drive (It would look like a metal brick).2.) Then, detach it from the IDE wire. 3.) Go buy an external case that fits the hard drive size (it should say on the front of the hard drive).4.) Connect the hard drive to the IDE wire of the external case.5.) Connect the NOW external hard drive into your other computer.Turn on the external drive and your computer should find it.I hope this helps :)

  8. animalism says:

    Hi, just install old hard drive into new pc and off you go, windows should recognise it provided the drive is not already goosed

  9. rasing says:

    You could always put the old hard drive into an external drive case, and copy from it, unless the drive itself is junk. Check this one out [external link]

  10. unapplausive says:

    Ok, Turn the pc off and remove the plug from the back on BOTH PC’s take the old hard drive out of the old pc,when you are doing this you will see how the hard drive is connected, probably an IDE cable, and a 4 pin power lead look on google for pics of hard drives and IDE cables :) Open the left side of your NEW pc,and see if you have a spare IDE cable and power lead, if not just take them out of the back of your cd/dvd drive until you have finished with them, then put them back, Restart the pc, you should now see in MY COMPUTER an extra hard drive, just explore it and copy what files you need to your new hard drive, when you have finished you may wish to keep your hard drive in the pc as extra storage, ( I have 3 ! ) hey its easy and you will learn pc’s are fairly easy to work on and build , Good luck

  11. dbryant says:

    It is easy but – if you don’t know what a hard drive looks like …., and you have a tech friend, get them to do it.however I want to help so…1 turn old an new pcs off and remove power from them (turn off at the wall.2)open old and new pcs you will find a wide cable going from the main board to the hard disk also another cable with 4 wires going to the disk.remove the cables and then the disk from the ‘old’ pc.3) On your ‘new’ pc there will be similar cables going to the cd/dvd drive, remove the cables from the drive and connect to the ‘old’ disk drive.4) turn on the new pc and you should see the ‘old’ drive in my computer 5 copy whatever you want/need to the C drive , when you’ve got everything you want , turn it off (see 1 above) and reconnect the cd/dvd drive.6 have a cup of tea/glass of beer / pint of gin you’re done! well done!