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Medical Cannabis Essay?

I need to think or 4 reasons 'for' the use of cannabis as a medical drug and 4 'against' the use of cannabis as a medical drug. Any ideas? Thank you

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  1. Heidelberg says:

    FOR:1). Cannabis is incredibly safe, has few side-effects and cannot cause death.2). Cannabis is more effective than many conventional medications.3). Cannabis is easy and inexpensive to produce – so easy that many patients can easily produce their own.4). When smoked or vaporized, cannabis works incredibly quickly and is far easier for nauseous people to ingest and hold down than pills.AGAINST:1). Cannabis is illegal to produce and possess under federal law.2). Smoked cannabis contains carcinogens. However cannabis also contains anti-cancer compounds which render it incapable of causing cancer and actually give it a protective quality against cancer.3). Because cannabis is illegal to produce, all purchases of cannabis have to be made from criminals which empowers these criminals and draws them into our neighborhoods. 4). Because cannabis is illegal, all money spent on cannabis goes to the “black market” which takes this money out of the economy and renders it impossible to tax cannabis sales.The last two points could be eliminated by legalizing adult cannabis sales.Prohibition fuels crime.

  2. tovarish says:

    For: Cannabis is one of the few medications that reduce nausea and vomiting and promote an increase in appetite. Example is with cancer patients. Taking chemo makes you want to throw up all the time and many patients lose a lot of weight and don’t want to eat. It helps to relieve pain like that associated with arthritis. It is used in the treatment of glaucoma.

  3. circumsphere says:

    There are no negatives.