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Bunch of Saturday PSAT Questions?

1) writing- improving paragraphs- Addition of which paragraph would improve the essay? paragraph on "nature of challenges?" or paragraph on "section of book with challenges?"2) writing- 2nd error ID question- involving VP and keeping National Institute of Art things in their mansion. is it D (their) or E?3) reading- the African American man passage- what's the massive census one?4) reading- short passage- what's the importance of valuable scientific research? 5) reading- African American man passage- remember how it said all of his wealth on his obituary? it says "information like these" is help, but other would be more helpful. what's "information like these?"6) same passage- which resource would be helpful? "correspondence with his customers?"more will come later

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  1. Ruthene says:

    Does anybody remember the Massive Census Question?I know one of the choices was…”massive” means there were a lot of african americans in the community

  2. ludlamite says:

    You’re babbling….

  3. meiotic says:

    i put…1) nature of the challenges2) D- the pronoun “their” was unspecefic i think3) dont remember that question…4) i dont remember what i put for that one…5)i dont remember the answer choices are. do you remember them? 6) yea i put correspondence with his cutomers