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I want to get published; how do i do it?

how do i know what publishers are looking for; is my my job to make them look for what i write?can i get essay's published?how can i find publishers?

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  1. bunny's says:

    I am not familar with publishing essays, only book-length fiction. So, with that said…Until you have a completed manuscript, there isn’t much you can do. Unfortunately, not many publishers will take you serious unless your writing and story telling abilities are superior. I suggest you have someone, other than friends and family, take a look at your complete manuscript and ask him/her to be honest and offer an impartial critique. Then, you need to research the market (buy a current Writer’s Market) you are writing for (ie: sci-fi, romance, thriller, etc.). Find out which publishers are accepting manuscripts and read their submission guidelines. It is a lot of work trying to get a publisher to even read your manuscript. By the way, most publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, so you will need to craft a well-written query letter (a letter asking a publisher to read your manuscript).You should also write a synopsis for your book. Be prepared for a lot of rejections. But, if you are serious, you need to push past them. Some rejections may have reasons why your manuscript was rejected. Use that information to revise. You will be doing many revisions.Also, you could try contacting a literary agent. They will want to see the completed manuscript. Again, your book will be critiqued. Be prepared to listen and revise, revise, revise!I don’t recommend self-publishing unless you have exhausted all other avenues.

  2. wilmette says:

    First, write whatever it is you’re trying to get published. If you’ve already done that, I apologize for insulting you.Then, go to your local book store or library and check out their “how to write and get published” section. Most stores have them, and they’ll have books on how to publish novels, versus short stories, versus poetry, versus non-fiction, etc. Without knowing what you’re trying to publish, it’s hard to be more specific. All I can say is, if you want to publish a book, I would recommend being willing to read a couple books about how to do it.Once you start shopping for publishers, another great resource is [external link] … – check out your publisher/agent before committing to anything, to make sure you don’t get stuck in a scam.

  3. calciphilia says:

    Send the manuscripts.

  4. urds says:

    Publishers are looking for books that have mass appeal.Diets books, right now, are hot.Good sexy stories in all genres are hot. The spy and cop novel still sells.Mystery and horror sellsControversy always sells. One first time author I knew got an agent and publisher 1-2-3 with a steamy sexual novel about the Vietnam war.Once it was out the religious Right was trying to get it banned!That agent and publisher probably saw that coming and new that would generate FREE PRESS which generates SALESNext understand somethingFirst time sale is often $500 to $1000 or some free books.That’s what you get for 200,000 words perfectly written.They are NOT interested in your opinons unless you are an authority.Only Richard Dawkins can publish a book of opinion.