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Help with music essay, what songs should I use?

~~ Compare and Contrast two or three songs using two or more of the concepts we've discussed in class (social commentary, connotative language, conflict, metaphorical language, allusions, vivid imagery, characterization, symbols, and context) Incorporate several quotes that will help support your observations. While all of the songs you discuss should demonstrate teh concepts you choose, you are free to argue that they use these concepts/techniques in different ways. ~~Ok, I like country music and alternative. What are some good songs for this essay?

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  1. undetailed says:

    First Year Blues and I Cant Help It by Hank Williams

  2. lobworms says:

    How about comparing the Violent Femmes’ “Country Death Song” and the Louvin Brothers’ “Knoxville Girl”? Both are murder ballads, but “Knoxville Girl” is well over 150 years old (it was adapted from a 19th century English folk ballad) while “Country Death Song” is more recent (mid-80s) and American.