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Is this cool or what?

I was working in this place where they process corn some days 8 hours other days twelve hours so everything was cool but then i started college and i went 4 hours to my classes. so i didnt have much time to do my home work. i bearly had enough time to sleep and take a shower. in my english 98 class we were doing a reading log. by the time that my job ended because it was a season job i was suppose to have like 20 pages written of a book and i had nothing then like 1 week ago my teacher told us that we were going to write am essay in the classroom and if we got at least 9 out of 10 then we automatically would pass the class. i did the essay and pass it with 9 . so today i pass the class with out doing that reading log for which i was suppose to have like 30 to 40 pages written, i had 0 pages and i pass the class. i was so damn happy i felt free i felt like everything in my life was fix and as soon i got in my car and drove away i was screaming yeaaaa yes yes yes! uuuuuuuuaaaa! fak yeah baby! and i still feel good.

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    good for you!getting 9 out of 10 GOOD JOB!

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