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Narrative essay topic…?

I'm so confused about what to write for my narrative essay. This is the topic as it is written on the assignment. " Write a narrative essay about a person who has influenced you with a powerful impact on your life. Perhaps he or she has made a difference in your choices, perhaps even in choosing the direction of your life. This may be a family member, a family friend, a personal friend, a teacher, a counselor, a coworker, an employment supervisor, a pastor. Your writing should convey to the reader a sense of the person and the significance the impact he or she has had. you make focus on a long-term relationship, a single event or a chance meeting that influenced a major decision or a change in your thinking. Use concrete and sensory descriptive details so that your reader is able to at least see and hear what you are describing. Avoid highly emotional experiences, topics similar to the following: recent broken romances, best friend cheated with my boyfriend, and friends tell likes that hurt, disappointment by a parent."I haven't had any really huge experiences that I could write about. I'm lost about what to write. Any ideas?

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  1. quattie says:

    someone who helped you out of a really tough situation, the person you confide in, someone that you know that cares about you and has changed you in a positive way… good luck :)

  2. ngwee says:

    Just try not to think of it as an assignment. That’s what I try to do. Then on a piece of scrap paper, think about your topic and keep jotting things down, basically the first things that pop into your head. After this, take some of these ideas and begin to outline. Later just begin to stretch out the outline.

  3. Calemes says:

    Who do you admire? You can write about why you admire that person (even if its a famous person) and how you try and make your life just like that person.You must admire someone – - who taught you to care about your grades (as you obviously do because you’re looking for help)? You might want to write about that person. Why do you care about your grades? Do you want to be something when you grow up and that is why you’re trying to do good in school? What do you want out of life? Who was it that made you realize that is what you want to be when you’re older? What steps do you take to make sure that you will become whatever it is you dream about?Good luck!