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QUICK EASY English Help Please!?

I have been given the essay question "How does Goldsworthy (the author) engage the reader throughout Maestro (the book)?" I know that the first one or two sentences of my introduction need to show that i understand the question and i have to put it into my own words. So can I please have your thoughts on what my interpretation of the question should be...? So far this is what I have... "Goldsworthy uses themes, techniques, language forms and structure which engages the reader though out Maestro" ---- But this is very basic and won't get me top marks so I many need help to make it better...? I also now have this which is a differenent to the one above but i feel is the better approach --- "Throughout "Maestro" Goldsworthy uses a magnetic skill in his writing which keeps the reader struggling to know more." So any changes to these starts which make it better would be nice, also if you have your own idea on how to start it please let me know... :)

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    It sounds like what you have written are two different thesis statements. These statements are usually the last (or very close to) sentence in your introduction paragraph. Your introduction will probably start more general, maybe discussing how authors use different devices throughout their works, etc.Actually, I believe you are on the right track with your efforts, as one of the best methods for writing an essay starts with a good, working thesis statement, and the rest of the introduction is actually written last in the process. It works really well and helps to avoid the introduction “writer’s block” that plagues just about everyone. I think either of the two sentences you outlined above would work just fine for your purposes. The only comment I have is instead of “struggling”, how about using the word “yearning”? It paints a nicer, more positive picture.If you go with the first sentence, you will have to have body paragraphs which specifiy which themes, techniques, language forms, and structure(s) Goldsworthy uses in the novel. If that is what you are planning on doing, then the sentence is fine.I have an essay writing website. To get the instructions I mentioned, go there and:- Click on the “General Essay Help” button or on “Links for Creating Essays” from the homepage- Get the “how to’s” at the two links in red on that page. One is a great method for writing your essay by Wiki (that I talked about above), and the other is an excellent set of instructions for thesis statement construction, which will also be helpfulHere is the link for my website. It is all about writing and there are no ads: [external link] …I have placed all of the instructional links, tips and shortcuts for writing that I acquired through answering these questions at Yahoo Answers in one place, so that students could get whatever they needed. Take a look around, as there are many tips and links that may help you on this writing assignment (or your next one), so be sure to bookmark it.I wish you the best of luck on your essay. You are definitely on the right track, and these tools can help, too.