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What songs talk about sunset or sunrise?

i've found quite a few nice bright eyes songs with the mention, but would like some non-cheesy alternatives if anyone can help me out!i need lyrics to attach to an essay i'm writing. the essay compares ituations to the sun setting and rising.please help me!for example:'death will give us back to godjust like the setting sunis returned to the lonsome ocean'

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  1. eikonology says:

    there is this song from the movie “Fiddler on the Roof” it starts at about 0:05

  2. doctoral says:

    all time low–”When it all comes down to a sunrise on the east side Will you be there to carry homeThe remains of my wasted youth”kate bush–Every sleepy lightMust say goodbyeTo day before it diesIn a sea of honeyA sky of honeyKeep us close to your heartSo if the skies turn darkWe may live on inComets and stars

  3. lorning says:

    Shadow of the day by linkin park [external link] …

  4. JENNEFER says:

    sun’s gonna rise-citizen cope

  5. antonietta says:

    There is a song called: ‘Sunrise Sunset’, from the movie: ‘Fiddler on a Roof’.

  6. upswelled says:

    tequila sunrise by the eagles