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Where should i apply Early Decision?

low gpa (3.0), highest SAT as of now (1730) math: 560, reading: 550, writing: 620 my grades are low however, i have an increase in gpa every year (freshman year my worst) and i am taking two aps and an honors and advanced course senior year. ( 1 ap and 1 honors junior year) i have a lot of sports, extracurricular activities, clubs, volunteer hours, awards for writing ( I will major in English), 2 letters of rec. from two favorite teachers/ best classes and from guidance (saying how my gpa is increasing over years) i have a passion for writing and hoping to have success with my essays. i am wondering if applying ED to any of these schools would even give me a chance of getting in: William and mary, wake forest, emory, furman, villanova early action) i know they are all huge reaches but please let me know if i have any chance or a better chance at one particular school. please respond only with valid info, thank you!

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  1. shevel says:

    What is your residence state? You get a preference there.Competition for W’M and Wake Forest is too great. Might as well not waste the application fees.You are probably okay for Villanova, Emory and Furman.