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Columbia? helppp!?

im a junior in high school & i really want to go to columbia. im a B+ student and i am involved with a few extra curricular activities. The problem is i come from a school where only 5% of the kids actually do any work. Also the "guidance" counselors don't do much. one of my teachers (one of the few that actually cares) advised me to get involved in more activities and try to bring up my grade and then write a kick *** essay along with getting a good SAT score. But that's just one person's opinion. i want to know what columbia looks for and see if im columbia material. i also heard about the columbia science honors program for high school kids. does anyone have any info on that?

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  1. exteriorate says:

    im sure u know you have at best a 2% chance. but so does anyone who applies there. just work hard and hope you get lucky.

  2. temppos says:

    Columbia is an Ivy League school. It is highly unlikely that anyone would get in, and you are getting a very late start. By junior year, it is hard to move your GPA upward very much, because you already have two years of grades recorded with which you would have to average any new grades. I would recommend that you do all of the things your teacher suggested, because they will help you to get into a better school than what you might get into now, but Columbia honestly seems like a very long shot.On the science honors program, this is the website: [external link]