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My teacher making fun of me?

Well, first of all I had pretty long hair. I'm a freshman in highshool and i take A level English. My teacher started making fun of my hair when it was long about a month ago. She used to compare my hair to a shaggy dog and I couldn't even ask a question in her class without her making fun of my hair. Because of her making fun of me in front of the class so much I suffered in that class. I got an 87 at the end of the semester. I want to be in Honors next year,which is an advanced class. You need an 88 in English to go into Honors. I'm right on the cusp, and I still have half a year to bring my grade up 1 point to be legible for Honors. Our teachers need to give us recommendations too. With a good teacher recommendation I probably could have made it into honors with an 87. Anyway, I got a haircut, a buzz cut, that was pretty short and I think it looked pretty good. I walked into my English class and my teacher made a big deal about my hair and we moved on with class. In the middle of class I asked a question that had already been answered. I didn't realize someone had asked it but apparently they did. After I asked it she laughed at me and said "Jeez I liked it better when I couldn't see you behind that hair." And as you can imagine the whole class started laughing as well as my teacher. Later that class she was calling students up to tell them what her recommendations were. When she talked to me she said that she didn't recommended me to Honors and all that even though I wrote a great entrance essay and am right on the edge with my average. I think I could do very well in Honors. I would think she would recommended me to Honors to at least give me a chance. I think I proved that I deserve to be there, yet she didn't recommended me. Do you think my teacher is being unfair?

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  1. rami says:

    she’s being really unfair

  2. bereaved says:

    some teachers are legit asss holes. she needs to do her work instead of looking at you all the class.

  3. Brahmsite says:

    I had a teacher like this in HS….she made it perfectly clear she didn’t like me, always teased me…made smart comments to me…etc…the only solution that I came up with was to tell my mom. My mom shut her down PDQ and I never had a problem with her again. so that’s my advice. People feed off of the weak and insecure. It’s sick, I know but you have to toughen up or the world is going to eat you alive. But this battle isn’t yours, it is your mother’s or father’s. Best of Luck kid

  4. parmese says:

    Defintly tell your mom or dad.. They will handle it.. Your teacher is being real unfair.

  5. technicological says:

    Make an appointment with your counselor at school and explain exactly what has been going on in your English class.If your previous work was adequate for honors classes then you should be able to get into the English Honors class . Ask if it is possible to be in English Honors on a trial basis. Show the EH teacher that you are capable of doing the work and you stay, fall behind and you will go back to regular English.Everyone makes mistakes- thats why it’s not called;’ On purpose’. btw People usually make fun of things they don’t understand, because if they understood , then there would be nothing for them to make fun of. ;)

  6. snowdrops says:

    report her you can get her in real touble