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What chemicals that can be found around the house…?

I am doing a huge Science project, which contains 3 theories, 3 reports, 5 essays, and 12 diagrams (4 diagrams per theory). I have an idea for my first theory. My theory is about chemicals that can kill one when ingested. Those chemicals can be 2 - 4 in number, and can be found around the house. For example, certain pills combined, which holds a fatal result.I have been researching on clues for my theory and certain "household" chemicals. Unfortunately, I am not able to find reliable sources on information of these topics.If there are sources on specific - or even relevant - information on these topics, and if anyone has the time, I'd appreciate it if it was provided.Thank you very much, in advance, to all who have answered for the effort and time that is put into the answers.

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