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Can you rate this mini essay for me ?

The Bible is a scary and mysterious book that's difficult to understand. It is the bloody history of angry men and an angry God. It is also beautiful in poetic prose that can be found in the Psalms. It has a high moral message and the promise that death is not the end of awareness. The Bible has meaningful messages which, quite astonishingly, can be interpreted in many ways that make sense....from sensible to insensible. The Bible has it all, myths, poetry, mystery, humor, science and history. Through the centuries and even up to now, the Bible is by far the number one best seller, with a world wide club of critics that often engage in heated debate that sometimes turns into war. No other book in the world has had so much influential power over the actions of mankind, and no other book has had a story with a mysterious miracle man like Jesus.

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  1. syrinxs says:

    You need a hyphen between “miracle” and “man”.I like the alliteration though.yeah and the first sentence doesn’t adequately capture much of the populace.

  2. relaxers says:

    I would rework the first two sentences. “Some people view the Bible as a scary…..”However, It is beautiful in poetic….”

  3. checksum's says:

    2/10 Must try harder, unless you are trying to be sarcastic, in which case 7/10

  4. guntere says:

    Perfect, I couldn’t have said it better myself.