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Help with Essay Questions?

I need some help with this essay questions for a application.1) Why do you want to participate in the health sciences and technology academy?2) Describe your most significant extra-curricular activity or job?3) What are you long-range career goals?4)What have you produced, created, or achieved that has instilled a special sense of pride?Could you just tell me a example of all of them, because i don't know what to put.My teacher told just me to put in a application for the HSTA program.So I only know a little about it.Thanks.

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  1. unsupposable says:

    1) Why do you enjoy health science? Why do you want to be involved with the school?2) What is the extra activity or special job that stands out the most or has the most meaning?3) What are your goals for careers on a long stretch? In other words: What do you want to become, or do?4) What are some of the things that you are proud you did? (A 4.0 in high school? A special award or degree in art?) Just some special things you did and are glad you did.I sure hope this helps.I just rephrased the questions hoping it would help a little bit. Sorry if it doesn’t. :)

  2. fruleux says:

    You can go to your local library and ask the reference/circulation desk to assist in finding you a HSTA career book that will help answer questions appropriately. Also, you can seek a health-care instructor, as well as, an English teacher who can interrupt those questions for you to make sure you’re answering questions the right way. I hope this helps? It sounds like you’re applying for a hospital nurse assistance job? Do you already have any friends that work there? You can asked other HSTA or go on line google healthcareworkers.com asked for help.