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Questions for Applying for ATDP?

ATDP is a program at berkeley and I have to apply first. When applying i need an academic product. There are three options and here is the copy and paste of the option i'm choosing. If you’d like to submit a piece of academic work that deviates from a traditional essay or story format (e.g., art, poetry, computer programs, and science experiments), you must also submit a clear, well-developed explanation of your work. Your written explanation should be at least 500 words and must be long enough to clearly demonstrate your thinking as you developed this product.I am hoping whoever answering has applied before. I want to submit a website, but how would i do that? I know i still have to write a written explaination but how do I show them my website?

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  1. intombed says:

    You should talk to an alumni from there or a student going there for the right advise.