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I really need some laptop help,I’m so confused, which one should I get? :(?

Hello,I am 15 years old and am studying for my GCSE's. Ideally I'd want my laptop for research, writing essays, revision etc but would also like it for the occasional game. I'm not very good with technical computer jargon so really need some help. I'm thinking about getting....1. A SONY Vaio [external link] …OR..2. An APPLE MacBook Air [external link] …Could someone please help me and suggest which one I should get and why? Maybe by listing the biggest pros and cons. Thank you:) xxx

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  1. bleacherman says:

    both have these cons very limited for the price there rip offssamsung laptop will handle anything you throw at it with easebetter ram specs and nirvida graphics card which handles the gamesati and nirvida are the best cards for video movies and browsing net videoand its a lil more but has dedicated graphics card which means it can be swapped out for a new card if its not strong enough no worries there though as its one of the latest modelsall for 499.99 pounds [external link] …you wont beat this laptop anywhere ive looked

  2. height says:

    I personally don’t think that makes a difference that much, they are all excellent.

  3. Pulaski says:

    I dont know much about those two in particular, but I’d say Sony Vaio as most computers are windows and you’d want software that would be compatible with your school’s i guess. From what i’ve been told Macs tend to not have as good antivirus software available anyway so you could be more at risk from things like spyware etc.Macs are good if you want to use programs like photoshop, video editors, that kind of thing. Windows are good for general use, internet, etc. But you can play games, watch movies on both so yeah. For Gcses, even if you’re taking something like media studies i doubt you’d need a mac.I’m just generallizing here. If you want a specific professional opinion you should go into PC world or whatever and have a chat with one of the staff to find out what would be best suited for you overall. But from the sounds of things you’d be better off getting a Sony Vaio.Hope I helped :)

  4. polytype says:

    MacBooks are extremely overpriced, their specs are usually decent but you can find much better laptops for cheaper. I have a Toshiba Satellite which cost me around 400 and it works great for all those things.It can run Skyrim too :P