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Gun Control Solution?

Hi am writing essay on Gun ControlPlease I need help to find Solution for Gun Controlis there any proposal made out there by anyone for Gun Control, I cannot make up any solution, I need to fun proposals please give me some ideas for Solution Thank youMuch

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  1. proconsulary says:

    Hello:You question is rather ambiguous as another person answered as to which perspective you view from. I am a licensed Federal Firearms dealer/ MO concealed carry instructor/ NRA Instructor in Basic Pistol/Personal Protection Inside the Home/ Outside the home.Unless you would like to do away with the United states Constitution and the Bill of Rights and start over, I don’t think anyone can legitimately reason away what our forefathers embedded into the constitution as it was written ( in context) and also taken into consideration what their previous government did to them. For instance look at what China did when it (the military) open fire on 70k+ people peacefully demonstrating for democracy in the streets. If we had no weapons with which to subdue others, people would instinctively find rocks/ sharpen sticks/ develop sharp metal instruments etc until history repeated itself. Weapons and their use can be used by those that value life and count it as sacred to save and protect life/ keep peace/ and sustain a righteous government. Protecting loved ones/property/ and governments is a principle that goes back 1000′s of years.”" I set the people according to their families with their swords their spears and their bows;… and I looked and arose and said to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people; ” Do not be afraid of them, remember the LORD, Great and Awesome, and fight for your bretheren, your daughters, your wives and your houses.” NEHEMIAH 4:13-14 combined

  2. deepfat says:

    The solution is the second amendment. It says the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. That is the solution. Gun control is ILLEGAL and WRONG!

  3. regraduation says:

    Try looking at the NRA website.

  4. Zambezian says:

    A search engine check of “Gun Control Solutions” provided numerous websites of which you can obtain different opinions…listed below.There are many more if you take a look!

  5. magnesian says:

    You should first start out with what side of the fence you sit. The truth is there is no easy solution. I personally don’t advocate gun control. But that’s just my opinion. Just pick a side and provide points to why you’re either for or against gun control. Please let me know if you do come up with a solution. I’d then vote for you for President of the United States.