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How long should a college essay be? The college i want to go said 250 words minimum which is like 3 paragraph?

Im using 12 size font with times new roman

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  1. lindaas says:

    If you’ve met the 250 word minimum, it won’t matter how many paragraphs you divide them into. What will be important is that the paragraphs are logically ordered and that it makes sense. Also, don’t feel the need to write a long essay. Again, if you’ve met the 250 word minimum, then “what” you have to say will be much more important than how long it takes you to say it. The people who have to read your essay will likely have many, many essays to read. You’ll want yours to stand out in their memory, but in a good way — not because it was long and rambling with nothing substantial to say, but because it was memorable, well written, and interesting.Good luck.

  2. herculean says:

    ya, so what’s the problem? 3 paragraphs is fine