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What do you think of my SAT score?

okay so im a sophomore in high school right now, and i took the SAT on may 1st. i got:640 on Critical Reading690 on Math730 on Writing (8 on the essay, 76/80 on the Multiple Choice)that's a total of 2060 for my SAT score (as a sophomore, this is the first time I took it, without studying at all. I will definitely study and take it one more time next year)i am aiming for 7 year medical programs, mainly those from UMDNJ, Boston University, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, etc. i have a 4.5 GPA. here is a list of my extracurriculars:JV TennisDance (classes every week)Part Time Tutoring Job 100+ hours of volunteering at a hospitalFrench Clubclub at school called Teens Against Cancer (affiliated with the American Cancer Society)Project Patterson - I go and help tutor underpriviliged elementary school kids in my area once a monthi take all honors classes, and i am taking AP Chemistry and AP English (along with the rest honors) next year. my elective this year was called Honors Research in Molecular Genetics where I did a research project, competed in the North Jersey Regional Science Fair at Rutgers University, and won a Rutgers Student Award for my work. I am taking that class again next year. do you think I have a good chance getting into the schools I'm aiming for? Especially the 7 year medical programs? Thanks so much for answering! :)

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  1. anthropoidea says:

    You’re very intelligent.

  2. myxoenchondroma says:

    Well, you certainly need to take it again and get a lot more than that. Most unlikely that an Ivy League university would even look at you with under 2100. Their best applicants will be getting pretty darn close to 2400. Yup, I know – nasty shot of reality, isn’t it?Yes, you are a good candidate. But so are hundreds of _other_ people. You need not to sit back because you’ve decided you’re brilliant, and that is the impression this post gives. If you’re in the habit of not studying, it isn’t magically going to raise your scores just because you decide you’ll do some next time. It’s a skill, and probably one you don’t have. Raw talent will take you so far…and then it ‘ll just stop. And you’ll be in a real mess.

  3. zealousy says:

    Being the first time you took the test, a 2060 is a very good score. However if you want to get into the number med school in the nation (john hopkins) you will have to keep up your GPA, raise your SAT score, and volunteer at hospitals.