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What’s your opinion on, or how do you define homework?

I'm writing a persuasive essay about the cons of homework and I'm not sure how to start the essay in a way that will hook the reader. Help?

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  1. browncp says:

    the cursed homework will help

  2. karri says:

    LOL, good luck!How about: “Homework: The Invader of Personal Time.”orHomework: A Teacher’s Revenge?

  3. algedi says:

    Homework, A Do or a Don’t?

  4. overpolitic says:

    In a world where kids cry, there is only one culprit: HOMEWORK!Lol just kidding. From both sides I can see both the pros and cons of homework. I would say one con is that a kid might not have fully understood the lession and did the homework wrong and thinks they did it the right way. Then if the teacher doesn’t go over the homework, they will think what they did was right and do it that way on a test or quiz.Or as my religion teacher would put it “after school is for FAMILY so homework is evil.”