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Any ideas of texts for the topic of alienation?

I am doing this for my preliminary year and i have to choose three texts (different media's) to study the topic of alienation, along with the play 'away' by michael gow.i already have a film (as it is in heaven - swedish movie)and a painting by picasso.As i am in advanced english, our teacher is telling us we have to choose sophisticated texts, meaning not books like twilight, or movies like the dark knight, haha.I was thinking of doing 'the metamorphosis' by franz kafka, but am leaning further and further away as i do not think it would tie in with the other texts i have chosen.what do you think about using 'jane eyre' by charlotte bronte for another of the texts?can you please suggest any sophisticated novels, philosophical essays, poems, picture books, etc, that has a strong relation to alienation and then ultimately belonging (the topic i have to do next year).i would probably be steering clear of novels, and more into some interesting philosophical essays, poems (sophisticated) or picture books.thanks heaps! :)

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    Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS): [external link] …