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Do you think this plan will work for me to get a bearded dragon?

Basically, i have always wanted a reptile and ive researched a lot about bearded dragons and i know that it will make an awesome pet for me. I have tried everything i could to convince my parents to let me get one. Ive talked to them maturely about it, written a 2 page essay, told them it was my responsibility and my money to pay for it, but they wont listen. my dad hates them after my brother tried to keep a couple and they died because he didnt do his research properly, and my mom wont let me get one cuz she thinks the same thing will happen. Well, my birthday is in 10 days, and they told me today that i would not be getting anything because they cant "afford" to get me anything, even though they bought a brand new car a few months ago. So since they wont be getting anything for my birthday, i want to buy myself something nice. So im going to get a bearded dragon. i have about $300 saved up to buy everything. Heres my plan:i will get the crickets early to breed them and tell them that we are doing an experiment in biology where we have to keep bugs or something and watch them grow. you know, something like that.Next, ill go to the store and buy supplies to bank a terrarium because it will be somewhat cheaper and ill tell them that if we build one, we will get like 5 100's in the grade book for biology, and that we will use it later on in the year. then ill tell them that one of my friends is going out of town for a family thing and he has a pet lizard he asked me to take care of. They'll probably say no at first, but ill be like "hes only going to be gone for a week or so and he really needs to find someone to look after it. im like his best friend so he trust me."so if they agree to that, i will have my friend who is helping me out to pick me up, take me to the pet store, and ill buy all the things i need, and ill buy the bearded dragon. Then after, ill go back to my house and my friend i and can set it up. Then a week later if they ask me when he is going to come get it, ill explain to them that he didnt really go out of town or anything. and if they let me keep it for a week with no problem, why do they have a problem with me keeping one myself? basically they'll have to let me keep it since i wont be able to return it and plus i dont know how they would be able to explain them selves. i know its lieing, but you dont understand how hard i have tried. i just want to prove to them that it wont die and that i am responsible. i have 2 dogs and a bird that i take care of everyday! i dont understand why they wont let me. i even told them i might want to reconsider about being a vet and instead, working with reptiles. thats how much i love them. they just wont listen. You opinions and thoughts please?

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  1. lepocyte says:

    DO NOT DO THIS! You will most likely not be allowed to keep him and there will be a homeless beardie.

  2. drainpipe says:

    First of all I own a bearded dragon but im also 25 years of age and it was until i turned 18 , had a job to be able to purchase an animal for myself. Crickets are hard to culture your better off with b.dubia roaches as they are soft shelled roaches , they last longer , they dont chirp and they do not smell. So if you can convince your parents into letting you have a Roach Colony then by all means you should be able to have a beardie. Honestly I think your being childish and you need to grow up and respect your parents and wait until your 18 to get a pet. If you don’t like their rules then move out but don’t sit there and complain when your not the one who is paying the house bills, utility bills, and the NEW car payment… Thirdly if you are going to get a baby there is ALOT of care , you have to bathe them once a day to make sure they are properly humidified they have to be fed 2-3 times a day SAME TIME EVERY DAY, CONSISTANT. Also these lizards can get up to 20 inches and im pretty sure that is NOT including their tails. You will have to need a custom enclosure built BUT in the meantime a nice 35 gallon with suffice until its older. You might want to consider researching how much your going to spend on all this , because i cant tell you from getting the bearded dragon , the heat lamps, the uvb lighting, the decor, the tank, the vitamins, the calcium with d3 its NOT cheap. So your looking to spend over 200+ dollars right there, now if you can afford that and talk your parents into it by all means go for it .. But don’t go and freaking buy one and have them make you get rid of it. Respect your parents you only have a few years with them. Also Petstores have 30 day return policy’s , don’t lie to your parents , lying is so wrong and is only going to cause conflict between you guys just because your being selfish.

  3. outjut says:

    I tried that with chickens when I was a kid- fail. Good luck though. Keep at it, be persistant conteract every arguement, but dont make it an “arguement”. If you can buy your lizard form an expo try, and try online, ebay, or craigslist for suplies becouse if your doing it at a pet store you will not have enough. I recently got EVERYTHING but the lizard for 60 on craigslist- it was incredible.(im getting a beardie in november)Building the tank is a great idea. and to give you some idea you can get a baby at a pet store for $80 or one at an expo for $25.Keep in mind when ur on your own you will have the ability to make your own pet choices, but i still hope you suceed- email me when you find out if you can get one or not, we can exchange tips on reptiles- i have experiance and youve obviously did tones of research

  4. Zeguha says:

    it probobly won’t because you lie so much. you have probably heard this a hundred times but your parents really do find out when you lie.like you say we have to keep crickets in biology,when they see your report card they will find out.same with the cage.and if they still don’t like the bearded dragon then you will have to get rid of it after you bonded with it.just keep trying its better than getting in trouble for lying.good luck

  5. wolcott says:

    I dont think you should do that. Try not talking about it for a while, doing extra chores, being super nice, pulling up your grades, then ask them again.