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G.E.D! How well did I do on my Pre-tests?

Hello everyone :D Before I state my inquisition, I'd like to say that I'm 16 years old. I suddenly quit having any interest in school or my education about 3 years ago. I was retained in 7th grade for lack of attendance and that placed a massive load on my self-respect and dignity for myself. I gave up trying because I thought if I failed once I was bound to fail repeatedly in whatever it was I attempted to overtake. I joined a virtual school and did miserable work there, also. It just did not work for me. Therefore, I have not learned anything since I was 13, educationally speaking. By the time I realized I had to take myself and my education seriously, I was 16 and this is where I've settled. I have decided to take my G.E.D rather than remain in high school and finish that course when I am 19 years of age. I think a G.E.D is an effective way to compensate all the years of missed school. I've been going to G.E.D classes at my local college and I was expected to take my test 2 weeks after joining the class. However, the instructor did not have sufficient time to test me on all 5 subjects that compose the G.E.D. I've taken four of the pre-tests, excluding mathematics and the essay. My actual question is how well I did on the tests. I don't know much about the G.E.D and I don't know if the instructor feels I am proficient or just fairly acceptable. So, any road, these are my scores:Reading- 18/20 Language Arts- 19/20Social Studies- 1/25Science- 23/25

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  1. sbfoval says:

    From what I know about the GED, 70% is passing on all but the writing tests, so based on what you reported these are the percentage correct on each test that you have already taken:Reading – 18/20 in Reading ,you scored 90%. That is passing but where is the second part of the Reading test?Language Arts – 19/20 in Language Arts, you scored 90% so you passed that test in Language ArtsSocial Studies – 18/25 in Social Studies, you scored 72% so you passed that test in Social StudiesScience- 23/25 – in Science, you scored 92% so you passed the test in Science.These are more than just acceptable scores for the GED. Your instructor will be very please with those scores, Good luck.