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How are AP World History tests graded?

I can find things that show me how the multiple choice section works, sort of. Of course I've done essays over the year in class, but they were on that 9-point scale and I'm not sure how that fits into the five-point scale. I know multiple choice is 50% and each essay 33.33% of the 50% for the written portion. What is the minimal number of multiple choice questions that you can get wrong to have a 5 on multiple choice? I just took the test and there weren't any questions that I was totally lost on, I don't think I could pick out more than 3 that I got wrong I got mostly 3's or 4's on the practice tests but I have to say the multiple choice on the actual test was so much easier(obviously I probably got way more than that wrong though). Anyhow, if I scored say a 6,7 or 8 on each essay( 9 pt scale) how do those scores fit into the 5 point scale?

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    [external link] have no idea.. Collegeboard site rambles… but this calculator looks pretty legit