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Why did Australia leave the Vietnam war?

I'm doing an essay on Australia's alliance with the USA during the Vietnam war and one of the things I have to look at is why Australia left Vietnam before the US. I'm assuming it's probably because too many of Australia's troops were killed, but if someone has a more detailed answer, can you give me some ideas? Thanks.

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  1. uninterestingly says:

    Well fuzzy wozzy I did not care for any of the answers so please allow me to give my two cents worth. Australia had the same issues as did America the anti war protesters were giving their Government Hell and they could see like Iraqi that Viet Nam was was not winable. They began withdrawing men the same time we did and remained in country to the very end.I do not see exact figure but statements that read some 520 were KIA with 2488 wounded (however the next source has different figures).I can vouch for one thing the gooks hated and would not mess with the South Vietnamese Marines or Rangers; ROKs Republic of Korea or the Ausses. I saw thw ausses chase some NVA (North Vietnamese Army) and Viet Cong through half of Viet Nam and into Cambodian before catching them. God Bless You and the Southern People.

  2. ging says:

    At the time of the Vietnam war there was no such thing.The Vietnamese conflict as it was referred to, was supposedly only a peacekeeping action.We sent Advisors as early as 1966[W>O>Payne winning a Victoria Cross]Then Conscription started.If your birthdate came up off you went to training camp and then to Vietnam.This caused massive demos against “the war”[morotoriums] realising in a political backlash on Govt.Then at the next election,Gough Whitlams Labour perty gained power and home came the troops.AND to what BLOODY NOTHING.No recognition,no medals,people would spit on you in the street and you weren’t allowed to join the RSL.because after all,it was only a police action.It took until 1988[20 bloody years] before the veterans were welcomed home.These are just random thoughts you can put together as a complete answer.I can’t do all your homework for you

  3. henrikse says:

    The aussies backed out because they knew we were likely to, and they didnt have the man power to continue w/o us.

  4. dispensate says:

    They left because the war was over and only because it was over. All of the brave men and women that were their did a wonderful job perhaps our transport just got their before the usa. Hope to be of some help.

  5. ANAD-AS says:

    Australia left Vietnam before the US because it perceived that the Vietnam War will not end due to the corruption of the South Vietnamese government discouraging people to support it prompting many of them to take allegiance to the Viet Cong guerillas who were effective in their homeland.

  6. bjhille says:

    Perhaps it was that they so the “inevitable”, however USA thought at that time that they could have ‘finished’ the job, which they dint’

  7. chattiness says:

    Great answer and thanks for Viet Nam! God Bless You and The Southern People. Report Abuse