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Help me on this! im reading about Obama! ?

i need help how to do this(easy steps please):4. Biography Book Report: Portrait CollageName ___________________ Due Date _______Mrs. MutilvaBiography – an author writes about someone’s life. The author explains the things that happen, the causes, and what these events lead to, the effect. The subject of the biography often has contributed to the world in some way. Select a biography on someone to read and report on. Book Title _______________ About whom ______________ Author ___________ Read the book. Follow the directions below when you finish reading the book. _____ (10 pts.) Turn in the report attached to this completed assignment page on time; include a correct heading_____ (5 pts) The report needs to be from the correct genre, Biography of a Scientist_____ (5 pts.) Do your best work. It needs to be legible, formal essay format, edited. --------------------------------------…VISUAL_____ (30 pts.) (Collage that represents the life of a famous person)1) Read the selected book on this individual and research information about him or her from other sources. Make notes about life events and include ideas on how certain aspect of the person’s life can be represented by pictures, words, or realia. 2) Make a sketch of the person for the center of the collage. 3) Then arrange pictures, sketches, realia, and famous quotations that represent the person’s life. 4) Write important events on strips of paper to include in the collage. 5) Arrange all of these items on a large sheet of construction paper / posterboard. 6) Position and glue the pieces into place. --------------------------------------…WRITTEN REPORT_____ (50 pts.) (5-paragraph essay) * Include the Title and author of the biography in your introduction paragraph. Briefly describe the main contribution this person made to the world. * Explain at least 3 events, or causes, in this person’s life and the 3 resulting effects in at least three separate paragraphs. * Conclude by showing how the causes and effects in this person’s life led to the major contribution to the community, country, or world. Also include what you learned and why you were interspersed in studying this person.

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  1. fantaji says:

    What do you need help on?That guideline seems pretty self-explanatory to me.Enjoy that while you can, because once you get to college, you have to figure all that out by yourself, and try really hard to avoid plagiarism.

  2. checkout says:

    It looks pretty self explanatory, just go to the library and get the book, read and get started. Right now there are tons of books on him so it won’t be any problem to find one,…. oops you have the book so what ‘s the problem?

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    Aren’t you supposed to offer us money for this?

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    Can you say: no cheating or plagarism on your homework?

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    geez… in the time it took you to type this in you could have at least done one section… why don’t YOU just do it?

  7. repells says:

    Do your own homework.