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US. History Essay Help. It’s Desperate Now- 10 points!?

This is the last thing on my exam and it's an essay. I am absolutley hopeless with essays....I feel some what ashamed of saying this but, could someone help me write it?It's about the American Colonization Society and the American Antislavery Society. I have to discuss what was the same and what was different in their attidue towards slavery, their suggested solution to the problem of slavery, and how successful each one was in reaching their solutionI swear i'll do anything...I HAVE to get it done tonight. I can give more points some how if needed. I will do most anything. I need so much help.Thanks so so much in advance

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  1. autoheterodyne says:

    No one is going to write an essay for you. That would qualify as extreme cheating. Start by making lists of things that were different and things that were alike. How did each group propose to solve the issue of slavery? Were they successful? Why or why not?Then think about these answers and write it out in paragraph form. You sound sound like an intelligent person. You can do this without resorting to cheating. It is a skill you need to learn.