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YEARBOOK STAFF- what do you do in yearbook?

Okay I'm a freshman in high school and I have the opportunity to join my high school's yearbook class. The class is filled with seniors so I'm already kind of intimidated/ What do you do in yearbook class? Do you take pictures and write essays?

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  1. pentadicity says:

    Yes, basically.Usually you go around interviewing students of interest about a certain topic; for example, you might interview (usually just a single question is posted for paper-space) the Varsity football team’s QB (quarterback) and put it on the Football (sports) page. A lot of people would recognize him and be immediately attracted to the article. Also, the people on the committee are usually the ones taking the pictures. This might be different at your school though, because sometimes they only like pictures taken from teachers (activities, etc.). A lot of the time, the people on the Yearbook committee will try to get “candid” photos of students in class or outside doing an experiment or other kind of outdoorsy activity.I really wanna join but I don’t think I’m cut for it. Instead, I’m going for “most photographed” this year. Haha. (:P.S. — You’re very lucky to be on the Yearbook Committee. In my school, getting in the club depends primarily on teacher recommendations and work ethic (which doesn’t mean just grades).

  2. laale says:

    The Yearbook Staff, is a group of people that help design the Yearbook in your school. It can range from a variety of tasks, from designed the front and back cover, organizing the pages (such as Graduates, the different grades, and sports teams, etc.) and how they look, or even typing the names of the students. Whatever you see in a Yearbook, is usually done by the committee, so anything you see done is a job opportunity. I would suggest joining, it’s a good opportunity, and it’s always good to get involved.Good luck. :) EDIT: Yes, The Yearbook Staff also takes the pictures that you see in the yearbook, excluding the student pictures.

  3. superinfusion says:

    im in yearbook and there are people who design the pages of the yearbookthere are people who take pictures for the yearbookif your school is like mine, you might sell the yearbooks during your lunch periodyou might get to survey people for polls to put in the yearbook etchave fun cuz i know i did!