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How end an english essay without using In conclution or something overused?

You can simply end by regurgitating your opening statement or rephrasing your Thesis Statement.

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  1. bespawl says:

    the finish it without saying those words and finish it in way that your kind of telling the reader its over without saying it, here’s my conclusion on doing a paper on animal farm All is over for them, as Napoleon announces the renaming of Animal Farm back to Manor Farm, in truth the animals are back to square one, if not a worse place, and what began as a Utopia turned ended into something completely different, as Orwell states that good will, good intention, and ideals, are useless against human nature from creating a paradise that was envisioned in Animal Farm (33)

  2. foundationally says:

    It’s going to be hard to give a suggestion when we have no idea what the essay is about. If you give an in general question, you’re going to get a common answer. Good luck anyway.