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What occupation, job, or major in college do you suggest I do?

I'm just a young kid just thinking about my future in college and when I work and stuff, and I am at a road block on what I want to be when I grow up.Here's what I am interested in, and what I really like, and things... that I don't really like.-> I've ruled out being a doctor or a lawyer because it seems like they aren't very creative jobs, and that they seem like stable, practical, but slightly boring jobs. I really like being creative, and I'd like to say that my imagination and wit is pretty good. I really love working on projects, and I don't mind essays and creative writing. Projects are great, and I love to put on a great presentation. I go overboard on school projects, and end up doing much more than I need, which makes me feel good inside.I really like thinking of different scenarios and thinking outside the box, outside of the conventional. I don't like following too many methods and being uncreative and unimaginative, so as you may assume my favorite subjects in school are language arts, history, geography, and languages sometimes. Although I am good at math and science, I seem to enjoy the humanities more than them, although they are tolerable.-> I've considered business, but I'm not sure what it would really be like, and if I have the opportunity to be creative or whatnot.Although I'd love a job that I can always enjoy, I also need to consider practical aspects because I'm afraid I'm not totally talented at some music or arts thing, although I really enjoy music and the arts interest me a lot. I plan on going to Emory University, a liberal arts college with an excellent business school, but I'm not sure if I want to follow this yet.And next year for high school I am probably going to a math and science school, so my slight distaste for math and science may be sparked again, but for now, consider what I've said... and can you suggest to me what I should major in, what kind of job you think might suit me, etc? Thank you SO very much!

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  1. lineout says:

    U can build homes,like a contractor

  2. thenceafter says:

    Hi:You could look into Advertising/Marketing, Public Relations, Business, & Journalism.I selected these because you mentioned that you have are imaginative, creative, love to write, etc. You can major in these and go into any industry.In my opinion if you go into the Business major find a specialization/minor/doublemajor, when you specialize you make more. You can also work for local government.Here is a site below called Bureau of Labor Stats. They have careers from A-Z, you could look through this site to find the perfect match. [external link]