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Help with college essay please… editing or any additions!?

I am applying to Bridgedwater State College and my essay is a little rough... I'm just not sure how to put what i want to say but here it is... I am looking for editing and tell me anything that you think could make it better. This is very appreciated thank you so much in advance.Essay topic: discuss your academic interest and career goals and describe your view of how Bridgewater State College can facilitate your success. (in 32,000 characters) The most significant thing in my life at this moment is my future. The next big step in my future is college. Mixed emotions come along when thinking about college, happiness for freedom, sadness for loss of friends and home, but excitement to start life on my own and work towards my future. Becoming a movie star seems like a great way to live and an easy way to get out of hard work, but it simply is not reality. People in this world work hard for their money to take care of themselves and their families and for that they feel and are successful. Success is another part of my life that I care very genuinely for. Although being successful foes not indicate graduating from college and receiving a high salary job, success can come in many different ways. I ultimately want to go to college to become successful and proved for my family one day. Starting off college with an undecided major is nerve-racking in some ways. Bridgewater State College has a variety of majors to choose from and I am very confident that this will help me find what I desire to do in life. Bridgewater is located in a comfortable environment and not too far away from home. I have only heard great things from the people I know who have attended or are currently attending. All of theses reasons are why I would love to attend Bridgewater State and how it could make my future a success.

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    Do you have English tutors at your high school (peer tutors?) or maybe an English teacher who can help you edit this? It does need work…I’m an English tutor and can try to edit it here, but some of my explanations are lengthy. A couple things:-watch for appropriate punctuation (like after “thinking about college” in the first para. you need a colon, since you begin listing things after that)-watch your spelling and word choice and syntax. a helpful thing to do is to read the essay OUT LOUD (that’s very important) because hearing it out loud can help you catch things that the computer doesn’t pick up on. -work on your last conclusion sentence–it’s a little too MCAS and formulaic. Get creative!If you want to hear more, you can email me at [email not allowed]