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Help with Legal Studies essay?

Having trouble with my Legal Studies class assignment. We are studying crime and in particular, scientific evidence in cases. The question I have to work with is:Discuss the implications of the use of scientific evidence for the rights of the accused.If someone could assist me it would be greatly appreciated. I would have seeked help from my teacher but he has been away for the past couple of lessons!

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  1. squirrelling says:

    There is always some one willing to dumb you down even further by doing your homework for you.

  2. dprintf says:

    I would discuss accurate scientific evidence versus the use of junk science. Does junk science allow the legal system to be manipulated by the prosecution? Examples of junk science: lie detector tests; the “experts” who testified in the McMartin, Little Rascals daycare, Fells Acres daycare, and Grant Snowden (etc.) cases; false fingerprint identifications; false DNA identifications; false fingernail identifications; etc.