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How do u save documents on to ure memory stick on pc?

i bought a memory stick for uni and ive to save essay's to the memory stick, but don't know how to, can anyone help?

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  1. euphonize says:

    hilite the essay then go to edit & click copy.open my computor & find removeable disc(thats your mem. stick) ;doulble click it to open.then go to edit & click paste. you got it then

  2. stalks says:

    Plug the stick into an empty USB slot. Open the desired essay in whatever word processor you use.Click Save AsClick the thumb drive in the dialog box and save it.

  3. McGilly says:

    Save AsThe drive letter that the computer asigned your stick.Or, open Windows Explorer and navigate there, copy and paste files, just like anywhere else.

  4. zehra says:

    Plug in the stick and a new drive letter will be created. (for example E:).Then when you go to save the file you’ve been working on, be sure to select that drive that was just created. (for example E:/My_Document.doc)

  5. tschuss says:

    right click on the file and select send to and select the memory stick – remember to remove the stick properly dont just remove it or you can corrupt your documents -