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How to approach aggressive cats?

i am doing an essay on handling aggressive cats for college and i was wondering if you had any advice on how to approach aggressive cats when carrying out veterinary attention eg. the handling techniques and what equipment should be used?

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  1. etherealism says:

    1) Always be assertive if you approach an aggressive cat other ways they can become even more frightened and hard to handle. This means using a tight grip and being sure of your movements.2) Don’t look the cat directly in the eyes or approach from the front. An aggressive cat is usually trying to defend itself from a frightening situation, if it can’t see that situation coming it won’t become so aggressive.3) Eliminate all unneccessary stimulants in the room such as loud noises, too much movement & other animals.4) Be aware of the cat’s history and any underlying medical problems. Holding a cat near their hind legs when they have painful arthritis is a sure way to make them aggressive.

  2. papules says:

    Best way is to show that you mean business but not being too hefty handed. Let them check you out first by approaching slowly and holding your hand out so they can sniff you. Never give them food and snatch them up as they wil not trust you otherwise. Give them food or a treat and everynow and then stroke them, letting them know you are there and ‘standing ground’. Each time you could add a few bits of food/treats to the bowl and they will know you are the one with food. For best advice, go to [external link] they are all freindly and keen to help. I know a few of them have said about how to help aggressive natured cats. Hopefully a few them can help you :D Good luck with the essay :D

  3. roachback says:

    do not try to attack them with leaves they scratch you just get some cat nip

  4. premixed says:

    Make clicky noises with your mouth, or tickle them from behind :D

  5. helloby says:

    In a worst case scenario, take a small examination table and use it to press the cat against a wall or into a corner. Then get out the leather gauntlets to pick up the cat. Had a cat once that my vet refused to handle after the cat had it’s way with him once. After that 2 tranquilizers were required before leaving for the vet’s office and I had my own linesman gloved that I used. And the cat still went apeshyytte the instant that it’s feet touched the examination table. This cat caused a lot of human pain in it’s 8 years in this reality. But the day it went after our child that all ended abruptly. The vet didn’t even hesitate when he slid the needle into this cat. In fact, I think he smiled.

  6. audiometries says:

    Watch the TV Show ‘My Cat From Hell’ that shows aggressive cats being tamed. [external link] …

  7. advisory says:

    Call a vet’s office to ask them how they handle it. They’re the experts!I know my vet’s office uses Feliway, they also have long leather gloves, harnesses, a special contraption to put a contentious kitty in that’s kind of like a hammock, plus they can sedate them lightly.

  8. Cruickshank says:

    be gentle towards them and get them to trust u and stuff