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I need somebody to write a 5 page essay on that has made a major influence in psychology, any suggestions?

The obvious one is Freud. Nearly as obvious is Jung.You might look at some of the behaviorists, such as Pavlov and Skinner.You could also look at Erikson, Adler, Horney... there are a lot of people you could consider.I would take one of two tacks:A) Consider what you find important in Psychology, and look into movers in that area.B) Find an introductory Psychology book (try the library) and read about the individuals described therein. Find someone who intrigues you and follow up.==Edited to add:While the question was poorly formed, the question is not "Who will write the paper?" Please note the preposition "on".To rephrase the question:"I need to write a 5 page essay on somebody that has made a major influence in psychology, any suggestions?

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  1. elector says:

    Just to clarify, do you want suggestions for subjects or are you trying to get someone to do your homework? If you want a suggestion, Freud will probably give you the most subject matter.

  2. burglar's says:

    I suggest you try writing it yourself.

  3. binmail says:

    Why do you think someone would write it for you? Do it yourself.

  4. environments says:

    here’s a thought.. do your own homework….

  5. ribroasting says:

    Let me see: you need somebody to write an essay on someone or something that has made and influence etc.Uh, this is for your class and your grade. I suspect if you had been paying adequate attention in class and doing assigned readings, this would not be a difficult thing for you to do. You do realize that YOU are supposed to do it, don’t you.Time to pay more attention to studies and less attention to boys and computer socialilzation. In a word: MATURE !