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What ability do you need as a dental or medical student?

Im refering to math skills and theorical skills. What do you need more of them and what is more important over the other and why?Im really bad at mathematics but i can work really hard. On the other hand, everything theorical (memorizing, study tecnhniques, essays, discusion test...) is very easy for me.

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  1. discordancy says:

    Not a lot of math. The things you describe as theoretical is definitely necessary.Lot of personal drive to succeed, building some thick skin, and staying calm in a crisis are other traits you need. When you have 40 hours/week classes’patients and then need to spend 2-3 hours a night and 4-5 hours a day on the weekends for 4 years ahead of you, you can’t shut down. When you have professors saying “if you don’t learn this, your patient will be severly injured and you’ll be sued and lose your license” you need thick skin. And when a patient actually is having a major emergency, you need to be calm, perform the proper procedure, and not lose your cool.