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What’s the best laptop for a student?

I'm going to say this now I am a complete techie idiot. My guys friends told me crap load of info on laptops but I couldn't understand a word of it. The girls..well they care more about the look than the working capability of the laptop. I'm a HS student, but I'll have to make the laptop last through college. I mostly write essays + projects, chat, and myspace :) Oh and if you guys write things like 3Gb and stuff please elaborate...>< I don't get any of that stuff, but I know what GB means. Just not the other thigns =] THANK YOU!

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  1. earther says:

    Anything will work for you.If you are going into design, you will want a really good monitor and graphics card. The store people can help you with that. Try to get something with 1680 x 1050 resolution. Thats what I have, and its almost as good as 1080p HDTV.if you are going to do any sort of computer programming, you will want MASSIVE amounts of RAM, at the highest speed you can get. 4GB of RAM is a lot, and if you can get that do it. Higher clock speeds are good too, Basically DDR2 is the type of RAM, and then you will have a number like 667, 800, 1066…etc after the DDR2. that is the data rate. Get the highest you can.Processor is basically subjective on dual vs. quad core. Duals are good enough right now as nothing can fully use both cores, but in the future that will change. I would recommend getting something in the mid 2GHz range, as this is a moderately high clock cycle, so more can be processed per unit time. 2.6GHz is pretty good. Quad core would be a nice future proofing, but its unnecessary.Also, most people don’t think about the battery, but do NOT get anything without a Li-ion or Li-polymer battery. NiCad and NiMH develop memories, and your battery life will significantly decrease in a short period of time. Li-ion lasts longer too before it breaks.Oh, and I have a 9-cell Li-ion, I used to get 7 hours run time on it, but after changing config settings and such, I get like 5 hours. A 9-cell will stick out the back, but its not that big of a deal. a 6 or 4 cell will not, but you won’t get the same battery life from it.Oh, and check the keys and mouse, to make sure they aren’t too stiff when you push them. You don’t want carpal tunnel at 25 from a stiff mouse button.Check to see if you can burn/play DVD’s on your comp as well. and get an integrated wireless adapter, so you wont need a separate card for it.Other than that you should be all set.Good brands I know of are the Lenovo Thinkpad series, Dell Inspiron, and Asus makes a good one too, though I can’t remember which one.HP is crap, as a tech person, I fixed over 25 HP laptops on my dorm floor the first semester of college. All had bad hard drives, all lost their data. You don’t want that. Compaq is lower end, and from reviews i’ve read, Toshiba is good as well.Thats all I got really.